Why Do You Travel?

11 22, 2014 13 Comments Views: 3056

Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?Why Do You Travel?

Why do you travel? For some travel’s a dream that comes true once a year for their annual vacation.  Some people have a desire for a greater travel hiking through Europe or Asian with a backpack or a cruise around the world.  For others, travel is a sweet plan for retirement.


I am going to list a few of my own thoughts here but I would like you to add your own opinions in the comment section below.

New experiences.  While there are all sorts of experiences surrounding us each day, there are so many things that you can only do when traveling...

Yourself.  Many of my travels are just me flying solo.  I learn a little bit more about myself each time I jump on a plane and head to a new destination.  The purpose of my travels has never been to “find myself” even though I do end up doing just that.

New Cultures.  This is perhaps my top reason for travel.  It is always so meaningful for me to step off the plan and into a “new world”.  I love seeing how people around the world live their daily lives.  We become so programmed and so used to our own way of life that seeing these other cultures is truly an eye opener.

Recharge, Renew, To Relax.  I work hard…….most of us do.  As much as I enjoying getting out and about and experiencing local cultures, etc. I truly do enjoy relaxing and recharging my batteries.  Sitting on the beach with my eyes shut and listening to the sound of the waves crash into the beach renews my mind and keeps me fresh, keeps me sharp.
To Celebrate.
  Maybe you are celebrating a marriage, a birthday, graduation, or an anniversary.  No matter what it is, people do travel to celebrate.  There is something special about celebrating outside the normal hustle and bustle of our home lives.

New things. No matter where you go in the amazing world there is something new to see.  Maybe it’s the Halong Bay.  Maybe you want to experience the Sapa..

Eat New Food. 
Oh yes, food!  The more I travel the more daring I become when it comes to trying new foods.  When you travel the world you find so many delicious and unique dishes.  Everyone is proud of their food and they enjoy sharing it with others.  Food brings people together.

Spend Time with Family.
  When you travel as a family you create memories.  When you walk into someone’s home what type of pictures do you see a lot of?  Vacation picnic.  You see pics of the family on the beach... There is something special about experiencing the world with your family.  Family vacations are so important.  Families need this time together, creating those memories.

So there you go.  Some of my thoughts about why people travel.  I want you to add to this list.  Please comment below and let me know your reasons for traveling the travel's. Happy www.vnlife.vn

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