Quan Lan island

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Quan Lan islandQuan Lan islandQuan Lan islandQuan Lan islandQuan Lan islandQuan Lan islandQuan Lan islandQuan Lan island

Quan Lan island is located within the area of Bai Tu Long Bay, are where you will have a chance to comfortably immerse the untouched and tranquil nature with the beach long captivated tourists, casuarina forest stretching stunning white sand dunes.

The island lies on a very important marine gateway connecting Vietnam and other, along the coast of the island are numerous white sand beaches and this is also the sea where fishermen get high quality seafood such as squids, butterfish, mackerel, prawn, sea cucumber, etc.
The outstanding tourist attraction of this island is Quan Lan Temple, which was built in the 18th Century with impressive architectural design with finely carved patterns, and is still preserved nearly 100% until now.
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