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Street markets in Vietnam: shopping in Vietnam markets. Shopping lovers and street market fans will find in Vietnam their personal paradise. Street markets in Vietnam are inherit to the Vietnamese culture and the life style of the country. People say every house in Hanoi is also a business. Shops, street markets, malls in Vietnam... let's go shopping!!!


Bargains in Vietnam
If you want to find bargains in Vietnam, you should know which kind of goods have a lower price in Vietnam than in a foreign country.

Clothing: the price is 3 maybe 4 times less than in Europe or America. A t-shirt, polo t-shirt or long sleeve shirt cost around 200.000 VND (10$, see Vietnam currency).

Belts: for 8$ you can buy a top quality leather belt, but if you prefer any other material, the price could be even less.
Handbags: only an expert will be able to distinguish the replicas from the genuine handbag. You can find a hangbag replicas (no matter if it's a Louis Vuitton or Prada) for 15$.

Shoes: the average price is a half of the price abroad.
Electronics: Vietnam weak point. All electronic items are imported, it doesn't matter the shop, the market or street market, the price won't be a bargain (maybe a little bit cheaper, due to the shipping cost from China / Japan to Vietnam compared to America or Europe).

Genuine clothing: you can find official dealers all over Vietnam. A pair of genuine Levis trousers cost half than in Spain, sport shoes like Nike or Adidas, we can save up to 20%. The rest of the items, we can save from 5% to 15%, due to shipping and import taxes.

Cell phones: if you are willing to buy a brand new iPhone in Vietnam you better have plenty of cash in your wallet, an iPhone costs 800$ in Vietnam (factory unlock, of course). However you can buy protectors, covers and any kind of accessory (no matter if you hae an iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or any other manufacturer) from 1$.

Food: without a doubt, the cheapest thing in Vietnam. Eating and driking in Vietnamese restaurants is a pleasure at giveaway prices. For 5$ you can have lunch or dinner in any city of the country, but if you decided to try a street restaurant the price will be 1$.

Hairdressers: hair cut, washing, new hair style and french manicure for 3$, yes I said 3$.

Where to find bargains in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)?
An Dong Market
An Dong Market map, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
In Ho Chi Minh City district 5 is the shopping mall Windsor Plaza, like the spanish chain El Corte Inglés but in Saigon. However if you prefer the atmosphere of a street market and above all, some bargains, specially cheap bargains. You are lucky, because just around the corner you can find An Dong Market, probably the biggest market of the city, inside a 4 floors building (An Dương Vương street, see Ho Chi Minh City map).

What can I buy in An Dong Market in Saigon?
An Dong market is mainly devoted to textile, clothing, shoes, accesories, handbags, jewelry, imitation jewelry, souvenirs, handicrafts, household, telephony and some electronics. You can find almost everything inside this huge market, even fabric to make a Vietnamese traditional dress.

Floors 1st, 2nd and 3rd are mainly textile, clothing and accessories, but also on the 1st floor you can find jewelery and imitation jewelery. Just as a matter of interest we will tell you on the 3rd floor of An Dong Market they sell winter cloth and coats for the Vietnamese people who will travel abroad, because of the hotter Weather in Saigon we will never need winter cloth or even socks.

On the ground floor people sell spices, food and many other things. If you are willing to cook any traditional Vietnamese dish of the Vietnamese Cuisine, the ground floor is your place (unfortunately you won't find many exotic ingredients to prepare a Exotic Vietnamese dish).
How can I go to An Dong Market?
To go to An Dong Market there are just 2 options:

By Taxi
By motorbike

For a foreign tourist the taxi is by far the best option. At the main gate of An Dong Market there are plenty of taxis to catch when we finish shopping. From the city center, district 1 of Saigon it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the traffic).

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