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Ngày đăng: 12/04/2016 .
Sadec Restaurant Hu tieu, banh tam are two well-known specialties of Sadec as well as the southern Vietnam, which has fascinated diners. With a passion and desire to introduce tempting dishes of Sadec to epicures in Saigon, Sadec Quan came into life with hopes that it would be a little corner in Saigon to serve two specialties – hutieu and banh tam Sadec.

Located at 154 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Sadec Quan which is one of amazing Vietnamese Restaurant, will be your love at first sight. The place is adorned with a glamorous, modern and warm atmosphere with a unique and friendly red theme, making you feel intimate, comfortable and relaxed. The decoration is pleasant and consistent. Rustic diner table sets are arranged wisely, with a few artistic wooden frames; above are the bulbs spreading coziness and warmth. What could be as enjoyable as enjoying special savory meals with our beloved people?

For high priority of preserving the original flavors, Sadec Quan recruits cooks from Sadec local people with yearsof experience. Moreover, the ingredients such as hutiu, banh tam, etc. come from Sadec and are made of natural rice powder.

Hu tieu (hutiu) – made from Sa Dec rice powder – has been one of Sa Dec’s splendid specialty. You can feel a distinguished flavor of Sadec Quan’s hutiu. For starters, Sadec hutiu noodles, unlike usually limp ones, are fascinating for its unique but reasonable toughness. Next, the soup juice is sweet, strong and distilled from long-stewed bone and meat. It is noticeable that our soup juice is cooked with a secretive recipe.

Besides watered hutiu, Sa Dec is also famous for dry hutiu with its featured soup juice. A plate of dry hutiu with boiled noodle cake, some chunks of meat, liver, some sour sweet sauce… and a bowl of smoking hot juice soup is extra-ordinary.

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