Phu Quy Island

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Phu Quy island (also known as Thu island or Khoai Xu island) is located about 56 nautical miles off the coast of Binh Thuan province. This small island attracts tourists with its clean and clear seawater, colorful coral reefs, pure fresh air and delicious seafood. If you intend to come to Phu Quy island in the near future, this article could be a great reference.
Overview Phu Quy Island
Although Phu Quy is only 16 square kilometers in area, it has so many interesting place for you to discover that you should stay there at least 3 days. You can go from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Phan Thiet by high quality passenger cars (about VND130.000 per ticket) or by train (from under VND100.000 to VND200.000 for 1 ticket), then go from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy island by ship (VND150.000 for a normal ticket and VND250.000 for a berth). Ships to Phu Quy often depart at 8:00am or 11:00am in the morning, but the schedule can be changed due to bad weather. Therefore, you should regularly check it out to get the latest information.

Enjoy your time

This island is still pristine, but its services for necessities is basically fine. Furthermore, people here are nice and friendly, so just let them know if you need some help. Their dialect is kind of hard to understand, even for Vietnamese, but their kindness is easy to see. For your convenience, hiring a light motorcycle is a wise decision. It only takes about VND120.000 to VND150.000 for one light motorcycle per day (24 hours).
Linh Quang pagoda

Phu Quy island is famous for its natural beauty. You can go to Trieu Duong Bay and see with your own eyes its white smooth sandy beach and clean, clear water. If you go there in moonlit night, you probably see local people gathering right next to the beach, partying and singing. As Phu Quy is a small island in the middle of the sea, you can find beautiful beaches in any side of it. Bai Nho – Ganh Hang can be an ideal choice if you want to have impressive pictures of a rocky beach with extremely pure water.
The boat get Phu Quy
Apart from natural landscapes, Phu Quy has many cultural-historical destinations for you to come: Linh Quang pagoda in Long Hai commune - one of the oldest pagoda of Binh Thuan; Linh Son pagoda in Cao Cat mountain (at the height of about 80m compared to the sea level), where you can contemplate the panorama of the whole island and take pictures of big, imposing rocks; Van An Thanh – an over 200 years whale temple, where houses approximately 100 skeletons of whales, dolphins and turtles…

Enjoy seafood

Seafood in Phu Quy is fresh, amazingly delicious and not expensive at all. After watching the sun rise in the beach, you can come back to a fishing village and have breakfast. Afterward, you may go the the market and buy something for your lunch. As seafood here is fresh and cheap, you will probably have the best lunch ever. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in this island. If you are in good luck, you can find some locals who ready to help. If not, people in restaurants are always please to cook for you.

One of the most famous seafood in Phu Quy island is moon-crab, which is most delicious when you steam or drill it then eat it with lemon-pepper salt. Since moon-crab is a speciality of Phu Quy, it’s not easy to find and not available in all restaurants. To enjoy the best moon-crab dishes, you have to go there in the right time and then find the right eating place. However, squids in Phu Quy island is another story. You can see them everywhere. They could be fresh in the market or one-sun-dried in cold storages of local people… There are many way to cook this one, but according to gourmet, you should steam it with ginger and citronella then eat it with a mixture of salt, chilli and lime.

When the sun is going down, you can go to Nui Cam (Forbidden Mountain) to watch it. There are a lighthouse in this mountain. And despite the mountain’s name, you can come to this lighthouse after passing 120 stone steps on the mountainside. Afterwards, you could go to the night market to eat some kind of pancakes or noodle soups for dinner. However, you can also go to a seaside restaurant to enjoy the sea breezes while eating fried fish, steamed sea snail, oyster porridge…If you are tired of the bustling life in big cities and want to find a little peaceful place for yourself, then Phu Quy island is always there, waiting for you.

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