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Ngày đăng: 20/05/2016 .
Con Ga church was begun construction on July 19,1931. Bishop Colomban Dreyer was the one who laid the first  stone for the construction.The Cathedral was designed in the style of the Roman Church in Europe. It had being built for 11 years. It has 65m in length, 14m in width, 47m in height, is destinations ideal in Da Lat city

When visitors arrive Con Ga church the first thing makes them feel impressive is the bell tower of the Cathedral which local people has called it "Cock church“. It is because there is a man-made cock stuck on the top of the tower. It is the biggest church in here

From the church, we can see Xuan Huong lake, the city center and Langbiang mountain in the far distance. The Cathedral has 3 sections: one big room in the middle and 2 smaller ones in two sides. It has a very high tower. Its windows have arch shape. Its roof is covered by tiles. Its walls are built by rocks with 30 - 40cm thick. These inside walls are decorated with some 1m X 0.8m statues and outside walls are painted with pink. 

The bronze rooster statue on the top of the tower is 66 centimetres long and 58 centimetres tall. The rooster replaces the customary displays the cardinal points and is a favourite animal of the French.

With the beautiful location, the church is also a famous place for tourists coming to take photo, especially in Christmas time. The bell tower is also a landmark for tourists to find where the city center 

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