Pac Bo Cave - Ho Chi Minh's hidden sanctuary

Ngày đăng: 19/05/2016 .
Located on Vietnam's northeastern frontier with China, Pac Bo Cave is an historical site set in a charming spot where the Vietnamese Communist revolutionary leader lived for seven weeks in 1941.


Pac Bo is a small village in Cao Bang Province, Northern Vietnam. Hang Coc Bo (today often called Hang Pac Bo) is a cave near the village. Ho Chi Minh lived there for seven weeks in the winter of 1941 following his return after 30 years in exile. It has become a popular tourist side with famous attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh Shrine, Lenin Creek and Karl Marx Peak.


Tickets to Pac Bo can be bought (10.000 VND for each person) at a kiosk by the car park. The gorgeous pool of turquoise water is Lenin Creek. When you start on the stone path, you will see information plaques among the foliage and by the stream. The plaque above says this is where Ho Chi Minh used to fish after work in 1941.


Away from the stream, the path leads tourists up some steps to Coc Bo Cave. In 1941, Ho Chi Minh crossed the Chinese border and set foot on native soil once again. He lived in Coc Bo Cave for seven weeks before moving on to avoid detection.


The entrance to Coc Bo Cave. In the summer, it’s extremely humid under the canopy of trees, so it comes as a relief when the air inside the cave is cool and damp.


The cave is small and well-hidden. Lots of tourists wonder how anyone could have found out Ho Chi Minh was sheltering in a place like this. 


In his revolutionary spirit, Ho Chi Minh named the strange limestone formations after Karl Marx.


During his time in Pac Bo, Ho Chi Minh used to cook outdoors. The plaque above says this is a historical site named "The Kitchen".


The stone path continues in a loop, passing under creepers and vines growing out over the water in all directions. Lenin Creek would be perfect for a refreshing swim but bathing is not allowed because this is a sacred place for most Vietnamese people.


The plaque says this tree (Cay Kim Giao) was planted by General Vo Nguyen Giap in 1975. Vo Nguyen Giap (1911 - 2013) was a general in the Vietnam People's Army and is considered one of the greatest military strategists of all time.


Pac Bo is one of the most scenic and understated revolutionary sites in Vietnam.


Some people just come here to enjoy walking along the beautiful stone path by the pure turquoise waters of Lenin Creek and listening to the sounds of the cicadas and tropical birds. In 1961, Ho Chi Minh revisited Pac Bo as a "pilgrim".


There's a huge pagoda-esque shrine dedicated to Ho Chi Minh in Pac Bo. Tourists can purchase sticks of incense and place them in front of a grandiose gold statue in his honor.

Photo by Nick M.

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