Visiting Hanoi Botanical Garden

Ngày đăng: 06/08/2016 .
Bach Thao Park or Hanoi Botanical Garden is local north west of the Old Quarter. Behind Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum has been known as the green lung of the capital for more than 100 years history

Bach Thao means “hundreds of plants” and like its name, the park is one of the few green areas in the increasingly industrialized city of Hanoi. Established by the French in 1890, the botanical garden stretched over an area of 33ha, and surrounded a number of the French’s villas at that time. 

Beside indigenous plants, many exotic tropical plants from all over the world were brought here and made up a rainforest right at the heart of the city. The French also grew large grass lawn, built up a hill close by a natural lake, and cages for birds, animals along wandering shady paths to make the scenery more beautiful.

Botanical Garden constitutes a miniature landscape including mountains, forests and lakes. In the small land of the botanical garden campus, there are many rare precious wood species characterizing tropical moist forests of the South. 

Numerous trees in the garden also represent the generation of high vascular plants, notably branches of gymnosperms and angiosperms. Going to Hanoi Botanical Garden, tourists have the opportunity to admire the woody species in diameter of from 2 to 3 people hugging; the giant species of palm; trees owning long lateral roots of banyan tree groups; woody vine species, blooming orchid and colorful ornamental plants.

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