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Ngày đăng: 28/07/2016 .
Khai DinhTomb built for the Nguyen Emperor Khai Dinh, the twelfth king of the Nguyen dynasty. Khai Dinh Tomb also known as Ung Tomb, is built on Chau Chu mountainside of the Hue city, and has become a symbol, a pinnacle of the porcelain and glass visual art.

It was built 1920-1931 used 11 years to complete. The tomb is an architectural blend of Western and Eastern. Compared with other emperor tombs, Khai Dinh Tomb has a much smaller area (117m x 48.5m) but very feats and time consuming. Khai Dinh Tomb architecture is different with the traditional architectural of Nguyen Dynasty by the novelty, and is the resulting of mixing different architectural styles.

To enter the tomb have to pass 37 steps, the side walls are formed by the biggest sculptures of dragons in all of Vietnam. The tomb is home to an imperial audience court, featuring a reinforced concrete stele monument, as well as twelve stone statues representing bodyguards. Close to the top floor is the Khai Thanh Palace, featuring intricately designed glass and porcelain decorations on the walls. The ceiling of the palace is decorated with nine intricate dragons. 

Thien Dinh palace located on the highest position, and is the main architectural work of the tomb, where the talent of the craftsmen is shown alive. The entire interior of three center rooms are decorated elaborately

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