Ta Cu Mountain Conquer Peak

Ngày đăng: 23/06/2016 .
Ta Cu mountain is local at Tan Lap commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, about 25km from central city, 457m high above sea level. From Ta Cu Mountain, you can see a majestic and beautiful landscape view, is destinations can not miss when came to the city famous for tourism, Phan Thiet city

There are ways to conquer and explore Ta Cu mountain. Depending on the taste and health, but for those who are healthy and adventurous, the climb up to the mountain is an extremely great choice. This way, you can enjoy the fresh mountain atmosphere and abundant vegetation. On the road to the mountain top, occasionally, you may encounter some lovely animals and hear birds gently chirping.

On peak top of Ta Cu mountain, has a pagoda call it Ta Cu mountain pagoda, The pagoda was built in 1879s. Climbing up Ta Cu mountain, beside looking at the beauty of forests and bowing to Buddha, visitors can also contemplate the giant "Sakyamuni statue entering Nirvana" with the length of 49m and height of 6m which is set Vietnam record. About 50m from lying Buddha statue is the group of "Three Buddha Postures"; all of these 3 statues are about 7m high,  are looking down to the earth and opening arms to save people and earth.

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